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25 October 2011 ~ Comments

Video Description Services

While many legislative changes and technological improvements have recently improvement media accessibility for the hard of hearing community in the United States, a current mandate is also providing a similar victory for the visually impaired.  As part of the 21st CVAA, rules that were originally established in 2000 have been reinstated concerning video description services […]

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28 September 2011 ~ Comments

Proposed Rules for Internet Captions

Much progress has been made in recent months regarding accessibility and closed captioning of television content on the Internet.  In July, the FCC’s Video Programming Accessibility Advisory Committee released a report that established a six month timeframe for the new rules that require captions on the Internet. In short, the FCC must release advanced rules […]

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02 March 2011 ~ Comments

COAT Petitions FCC For Better Broadcast Captions

It’s a good time to live in America, when almost everything is captioned for the information and convenience of deaf and hard-of-hearing people. Still, there are programs that don’t have to be captioned – a holdover from the days when captioning was expensive, more time consuming and could put smaller programming providers right out of […]

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02 February 2011 ~ Comments

A New Super Bowl Record!

Every year millions of Americans throw huge parties, gather around the TV and go all out for an American tradition – The Super Bowl.  Even for those of us who could care less about which teams are playing, we still watch.  Perhaps it’s because of the outstanding half-time show or maybe because of the award-winning […]

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06 August 2010 ~ Comments

Providing Accessibility in the 21st Century

This year, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the “Americans with Disabilities Act,” landmark legislation that made the world much friendlier for a large portion of our population. People who live with challenges appreciate the ADA every day, but this anniversary was special, because it also marked the passage of another important piece of legislation. […]

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25 March 2010 ~ Comments

Understanding Captions (and Their Place)

Almost everyone has used captions at one time or another, whether they are hearing impaired or not.   Think about it – how many times have you read captions in a restaurant or at the gym? Closed captions are used everywhere. After doing my own personal survey, I have realized that most people don’t have a […]

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09 March 2010 ~ Comments

New Closed Captioned Complaint Rules

Closed captions link whole segments of the population to the world, and that link is about to get stronger. The Federal Communications Commission has made it easier for the public to report captioning problems – problems that broadcasters might otherwise not know are happening. People who use closed captioning, especially those with a hearing loss, […]

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01 March 2010 ~ Comments

Captioning Church Programming

Closed captioning has become such an integral part of the American communications landscape that it appears in everything from children’s educational programming to sporting events. Since it’s important for hearing-impaired individuals to have access to those sorts of programs, why not religious programming also? Sometimes faith-based organizations are strapped for cash and so they put […]

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16 February 2010 ~ Comments

Final Cut 7 Makes Adding Closed Captions Easy and Economical

For a how-to guide to adding closed captions in Final Cut Pro 7, click here Adding closed captioning to your TV show in the edit suite just became a little easier. Thanks to new methods using Final Cut Pro and a supported AJA video card, there has been a revolution in the way captions are […]

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09 February 2010 ~ Comments

“Super” Captions

The Super Bowl is an American tradition.  Even for people that aren’t into professional football, the entertainment value of the evening draws them.  Super Bowls of the past have been known for their outrageous half-time shows and award-winning commercials.  This year’s Super Bowl XLIV was no exception. Before the game ever happened, we were excited […]

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