27 January 2010 ~ Comments

iPad Supports Captioning

I don’t know about you, but today I was one of the thousands of people excitedly waiting for Apple’s new product introduction. And I can say that the announcement was impressive. It even contained a little surprise for us in the captioning world.

In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, many product developers seem to forget to build-in caption accessibility.  We’ve heard countless comments and complaints about the lack of captioning on Netflix, internet videos and other new technologies.  Regardless of the reasons, captions seem to easily get overlooked as new products are rushed to market.

That’s why we were pleasantly surprised to see that the new Apple iPad has built-in support for captioning.  Although this is only one little item in the product’s spec sheet, it shows that Apple cares and understands the importance of giving accessibility to everyone.

The iPad looks like an oversized iPhone or iPod Touch and features a 9.7’ LCD screen.  In addition to watching captioned videos, the iPad features include gaming, email, photos, contacts, maps, music and e-books.  Prices will range between $499 and $829.

  • One more new great feature. Much appreciated!

  • art4now

    Is this feature being utilised?
    I live in Australia and I haven't heard that it is here.

  • Im glad that apple is taking notice of captioning - these are the little things that you get when you buy apple. I wonder - could the ipad be used in the public sector for help with accessibility? Museams and art gallerys could be places that could use ipads instead of ancient non accessible technology.

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